Strategy in Four Questions

These days, getting caught without a strategy to guide your nonprofit is tantamount to failing to plan in the big picture and long range. Now, at first this might not seem natural as aren’t you running a nonprofit with “nonprofit” being the optimal word? We get it. It seems a bit counterintuitive, sort of like trying to sign your name with your non dominant hand. It. Feels. Awkward.

But we promise you, once you begin down the business strategy road it becomes less awkward. Especially as the benefits begin to mount, leading with your mission’s impact!

Michael Angelo said, “Every block of stone has a statue inside it and it is the task of the sculptor to discover it.” So please, if you’ve not done so already, get busy revealing or polishing your organization’s work of art through the development of a business strategy. To get you going, here are four key questions.

1. What value are you creating for your clientele?

2. How do you generate resources to deliver the value you create?

3. How do you create value for your clientele?

4. What additional resources do you need to maximize clientele value?

Answer these questions, map them to your organizational core, and watch the magic happen.

Your success partner,

Blue Heron Coaching Team