How do you know if your non profit is a success?

Non profits lead with purpose coalescing stakeholders around a common mission and shared understanding of intentions. In terms of ‘success’, many non profits measure the number of services offered and individuals served as primary indicators of attaining their visions. While these are indications of success for certain, a larger question may remain unanswered and is vitally important to address. The question is: What is the impact of your mission? Are you delivering the results you intended? Distilling your impact and working to address potential misalignment between the mission and your strategy can help address a number of possible pain points from board member recruitment to volunteer disengagement to resource access and allocation.

Also critically important is to identify your organization’s Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). KPIs are a means to gather quantifiable performance measures over time to inform and manage crucial business objectives. KPIs are beacons for staff as they help track progress, reveal insights, and make informed decisions to reach milestones.

To identify the key benchmarks that point toward successfully operationalizing your mission, begin with a simple question during your next staff meeting: “How will we know when we achieve our mission?” Be ready to capture the results of this brainstorming session to transform them into KPIs and include the measures you will use to monitor them as we all know ‘what gets measured, gets done. ‘

Growing a non profit’s footprint takes intentional focus. Absolutely it includes offering more services and/or serving a larger number in the community. And let’s add another tool to your repertoire to gauge your results and impact over the long term. KPIs can help your org stay on course as you reach to attain your vision. Ping me at if you need some help along the way!

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