What’s Your Why?

As the Summer of 2022 rolls in, Blue Heron Coaching staff is eagerly looking forward connecting with like minded professionals through a variety of venues and networking events. As I was sharing our summer plans, a dear friend offered wise guidance. She reminded me to have my ‘elevator pitch’ ready and be certain to embed my “Why?” within it. This was one of three components included in the Golden Circle model highlighted by Simon Sinek, world renowned author and inspirational speaker, as a means to differentiate your brand and value proposition.

Now this got me thinking about your ‘why’. So I’m wondering, have you taken the time to articulate your ‘why’ for what you do? Linking your purpose to your leadership is a promising practice to engage the broader community. Great things happen when there is a shared purpose between you, your staff, and those whom you serve. It serves as a beacon and a point of inspiration while also serving as a uniter to those it draws in – a trifecta impact for certain! So give it a go, what’s your ‘why?’ Send me an email at cs@blueheroncoachingllc.com to let me know.

Photo by Jens Johnsson on Pexels.com

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